Changing Faces

Here are a selection of photos of Kirsten.  How much has her face changed?

Which Web Gallery?

One of the reasons for setting up a server and website was to put some of our thousands of pictures on display in some sort of online gallery.  Agent Smith introduced me to Gallery1 and 2 way back when we was young and fit.  Gallery 2 has been serving up my pictures for about 5 years now and Agent Smith’s gallery installation is probably closer to 10 years old.

The venerable Gallery2 now has a younger sibling – Gallery3.  I had a beta install on my test site for a while but it seemed a bit clunky and non-functional.  The full Gallery3 release is much improved on the beta and there is the start of a plugin and theme base from which to choose style and function.

I have a couple of other installations of PHP/MYSQL web gallery applications on my test site and one that I considered using a couple of years ago was PHPWebGallery.  This has now become Piwigo and is much enhanced.

So I now have three live web galleries – Piwigo, Gallery3 and Gallery2.  Which one do I use?

At the moment Piwigo only integrates with WordPress via a plugin (PiwigoPress) that displays some thumbnails and links in the sidebar.  Clicking a link takes you to the Piwigo gallery site.  You can see the plugin working at the bottom of my sidebar on the right.  It would be nice if there was some sort of lightbox effect available.

Gallery3 has a WordPress plugin called “heiv Gallery3” and allows you to embed an image from your new Gallery3 installation within a WordPress post or page.  The image contains a link to the image within the gallery.  Some sort of lightbox effect would be nice too.
[hgallery3 id=”21″ show_caroussel=”true” text_caroussel=”Image” height=”60″ width=”80″ direct_link=”true” timed=”true” delay=”5000″ info_pane=”true”]

Gallery2 uses the WPG2 plugin to embed images in WordPress posts and pages and there is a drive to try and create a similar plugin for Gallery3.

I think I’ll keep all three running and tinker with them a bit more before making up my mind.