Pleasures Point Us Forward, the

Pleasures Point Us Forward, the
Pleasures Point Us Forward, the

I have been trying to think of a name for our new canoe as all water craft have to have a name of sorts.  I have had several sources of inspiration: “Surface Detail” by Iain M. Banks, “The Sentry” by Robert Crais, and “Finding God” by Larry Crabb.  In Surface Detail, a story set in the far distant future of the galaxy, the Culture spaceships have complete control over their own name and often choose something that expresses their character, attitude or aim in “life”, and it is worth reading at least one of Banks’ books to have a quiet chuckle as they blaze their way through hyperspace.

Robert Crais’ character, Joe Pike, has two large red (red like my canoe) arrows tattooed into his deltoids.  They point forward, reminding him to keep pressing onwards, that there is no going back.  Pike is always looking out for the little guy and ain’t nobody gonna stop him. He doesn’t say much but he has mission commitment in heaps that keeps him focussed on the goal of saving the girl or solving the case or watching his partner’s back or keeping his red Jeep clean (usually all of the above).

Larry Crabb has mission commitment too but he is not an ex-assassin-turned-detective with tattoos.  He is a professor at Colorado Christian University and his mission is, to put it simply, to find God, know God, love God. In his book “Finding God” there is a take-away summary point that has got me thinking:

Our deepest longings are inconsolable. The deepest pleasures in life don’t satisfy – they point us forward. Continue reading Pleasures Point Us Forward, the

Novacraft RX 16ft Prospector

Novacraft RX Prospector
Novacraft RX Prospector

Tomorrow’s challenge is to get the canoe into the back garden and then I will be able to take a photo of the actual boat to show you all.

LEGO Mobile Crane 8053

Daniel and I spent some time over Christmas putting this together while Kevin worked on the Front Loader 8265. We managed to get the chassis and out-riggers set up and working and while Daniel drove it round the carpet I finished up the telescoping boom and gearbox to drive the movements. Putting it all together gave Daniel and I a chance to see how well it worked. Here are some pictures of it in action:

Got wheels, will ride

Lomo effect applied from GIMP plugin.  The model is a natural.

got wheels

Cross-processed image using bright orange as the highlight colour.  Balance bike (a birthday present), helmet, jacket and glasses model’s own.

will ride


How to make a sand pit

In theory

  • Dig a hole.
  • Fill it with sand.
  • Put the child out to play.

In reality

  • Debate about whether to make one, buy one or just use the flower bed.
  • If buying or making find somewhere to place the sand pit.
  • If making, are railway sleepers suitable?
  • If buying, the yellow plastic tortoise or the wooden box?
  • Think about how to get a large amount of sand into it.
  • What kind of sand?
  • Realise that it rains a lot and the pit will need a cover.
  • Come up with a stop-the-cats-using-it-as-a-litter-box strategy.
  • Can I finish it in a weekend before the rugby starts?

LEGO Technic Container Truck 8052

technic 8052The February project is LEGO Technic 8052 – the container truck.  Half the number of pieces of the Front Loader but it does have a battery pack and motor and the drop-off / pick-up mechanism is pretty good.  Using the red switch the container tray can either be dropped off the back of the truck and picked up again, or tipped while remaining attached.  Here’s another video of it from SeTechnic:

LEGO Technic 8052

LEGO Technic Front Loader 8265

technic 8265Back in December and January I built the LEGO Technic Front Loader 8265.  It took me about ten days or so to put it together in short bursts through the evenings.  Four wheel drive, V6 engine, lift and tip functions, push-pull steering.  Here’s a video of it in action (not mine but the same model):

LEGO Technic 8265

Home-made Sledge

Here it is – the Pride of Newtyle – 1070mm of finest ply with 50mm waxed runners 310mm apart and weighing in at 4.5kg.  Rope handles have a breaking strain of 2000kg.

Performance testing to be carried out on the hill above Kirkton Farm this afternoon.  Snow conditions: LOTS and ICY.  It’s snowing more as I type.  Departure is imminent – just a nappy change away.