Last weekend in Newtyle there was blue sky, warm sunshine and pristine white sparkly snow with a nice icy crust that was just perfect for sledging and skiing.

Happy February 2013

Well, here we are at the end of January 2013 already, and on the eve of our departure to South Africa for a month in the sun, and I haven’t had a chance to post anything about the New Year.  So here’s a picture of us all on the West Sands at St Andrews on New Year’s Eve:

Us all

Food Aid Program

We are the fortunate recipients of food parcels as part of the church’s pastoral ministry.  Several lucky people have had the chance to see the young Kirsten when they have dropped off a ready-prepared meal during the week.  Who would have thought that having two kids meant there wasn’t enough time to cook the supper?  That said I now know what it is like to be a house husband – exhausting but fulfilling.  Moms and Toddlers, Toddler Gym, swimming classes, sessions at the swings, doing stickers, playing with the diggers in the garden, morning snacks, lunch, sleep, afternoon snacks, afternoon slumps if the sleep never happened – and then try and make tea.  The meals are hugely appreciated!

Apple and blackberry crumble with custard

Daniel certainly likes the crumble.

Still here, just!

What a month!  Moving house, cleaning old house, cleaning new house, people to stay, Daniel to wear out, us Parents to work out what to do with the space and stuff, new baby to prepare for…

We’ve just three weeks to go until the predicted due date of bairn number 2 and there is a still a list of things on the To Do list (does it ever reduce?) such as sorting out the family room carpet, painting the kitchen, family room and our bedroom, removing a large set of built in wardrobes, sorting out new baby clobber and collecting buckets of apples.  This past week we’ve all had colds and been in bed as soon after 9pm as possible.  Tiring times, indeed.

I’ll bung some photos in the gallery when I have a moment.  This was just a short note to let you all know we are still alive and well in Newtyle.

Chez Mcdonald

The Family McDonald now have a new house. We picked up the keys on Wednesday and popped in that afternoon to have a look. So much space – all ours – to clean and look after, to fill with family and friends. You can have a look at some of the first pictures in the gallery.

Mother’s Notes

Amy put this together to record some Daniel-isms.

I thought you might all be interested and amused in some of the things Daniel is saying the moment.  Most of his words are very good but the ones he pronounces in his own sweet way are sometimes quite funny.  He talks about the ‘lawn moaner’ and his ‘tooter’ (scooter).  He likes to go out in ‘air feet’ (bare feet).

He still calls any deer / antelope that he sees a ‘din din’.  He calls sheep ‘baas’ and sometimes ‘seep’.   When we were away last week he kept pointing out ‘eagles’ to us (any big bird).

He’s learning to put -ing on the end of words, so he talks about ‘walking’ and ‘watching’ and also ‘upping’ (when he wants picked up). He also knows about making words plural with an ‘s’ which means he talks about ‘mans’ as well as ladies.

When we put him to bed at night he often says ‘bye’ and then ‘later’.

He says ‘hi’ to almost anyone or anything – including bees, ants, woodlice and beetles.  He’s always interested in bugs and animals having food, and if you ask him what they eat, he says ‘food’ or ‘oats’ or ‘stones’. Continue reading Mother’s Notes

Isle of Lismore

Last week Amy and I took Daniel to stay on Lismore with Jo and David Evans.  They don’t live there but Duncan MacGregor is family and kindly opened his house to us.  Lismore is just off the coast of Argyll near Oban – 50 minutes on MV Eigg gets you to Achnacroich.  From there it is just a couple of minutes up to Newfield (Achadh Ur) farm.

Here are a couple of panoramas I put together showing the view from the farm.  They are 2000px wide.

Towards Oban

From Achnacroich

I’ll load up some more pictures into the gallery when I have a moment.

[edit. the gallery has now been updated]

Penguins?!UsAfternoon picnic