Inver-Inver 2012

Inver-Inver 2012

We headed into the dark wet heart of Knoydart at 10 knots. Bottle-nose dolphins leap and surfed the bow wave. The rain lashed down. Some looked pensive while others dispersed the tension with humorous, if somewhat brittle, banter.

Inver-Inver 2012

The Old Forge soon put things to right and after a good night’s sleep we were ready to head into the wilds. Continue reading Inver-Inver 2012

Monday Cycle

What a weekend! Munros on Friday, canoeing on Saturday morning, Kinpurney Tower on Saturday afternoon, gardening on Sunday and cycle to work on Monday. And I shall have to cycle home because I have misplaced my wallet #wheremekeys

Inver-Inver 2012

The Steeple Church is raising funds for the Church redevelopment project.  Part of the plan is to help raise £10000 by walking and cycling across Scotland from West to East in four days.  You can donate through the following JustGiving account.

  • Friday : Inverie – Roy Bridge : walk 16.5 miles(to west end of Loch Arkaig) and cycle 25 miles
  • Saturday : Roy Bridge – Glen Feshie Hostel : cycle 52 miles
  • Sunday : Glen Feshie Hostel – Braemar : walk 19 miles (to Linn of Dee) and cycle 7 miles
  • Sunday : Braemar – Inverbervie : cycle 58 miles

The actual route taken is more direct than that shown on the map and does a better job of joining the dots (The route shown is approximate).  The support vehicles will probably have to travel the route shown in blue.

Got wheels, will ride

Lomo effect applied from GIMP plugin.  The model is a natural.

got wheels

Cross-processed image using bright orange as the highlight colour.  Balance bike (a birthday present), helmet, jacket and glasses model’s own.

will ride


Last Ride To Work

I cycled in to work today. It was crisp (read freezing -2°C) and sunny (read it wasn’t cloudy) and I hit my top speed of 56.8km/h in an effort to keep warm. Sixteen kilometres in I realised I had left my locker keys at home. I left work early after the faint smell of roses died off completely.

L’alp d’huez

KevinLuh Alp Doo Hwez.  Kevin just cycled up here.  Twenty one bends all the way up to 1860m from a start at 740m.  He brought his road bike over from Cape Town a couple of months ago and has been training on the London flats for some of the steepest climbing around.  All you really need to go up is heart, lungs and legs.  Coming down, I would think you would need balls too.

L'Alp d'Huez
L'Alp d'Huez from the bottom
L'Alp d'Huez
L'Alp d'Huez from the top

Life Cycle Updated

Here’s an update to how far I have cycled since the last time I posted my bicycle travel stats.

  • no. of single trips:   28
  • single trip distance:  14.3 km
  • total distance:    592.75 km
  • total time:       27h30m04s
  • average time:    00h40m25s
  • average speed:    21.5 km/h
  • maximum speed:    62.5 km/h
  • no. of punctures:    0
  • no. of traffic lights en route: 37
  • m3 of pollution breathed: 327
  • total distance on clock:  3494.3 km
  • Life or Death Cycle?

    I have been riding to work since the Tube strike last month and dug out the cycle computer to record some of the stats of the commute to work.  Trying to keep the average speed up is just one of the many mini-challenges I set myself to get up the hills.  Here are the stats from the last two weeks:

    • no. of single trips:   13
    • single trip distance:  14.3 km
    • total distance:    186.49 km
    • total time:       08h42m32s
    • average time:    00h40m25s
    • average speed:    21.4 km/h
    • maximum speed:    61.0 km/h
    • no. of punctures:    0
    • no. of traffic lights en route: 37
    • m3 of pollution breathed: 127
    • total distance on clock:  3088.0 km

    I am certainly getting fitter and riding home across the Common beats the inside of a tube any day.  However, I am concerned about the amount of brake dust, fuel fumes and general London grit I am breathing in to my lungs.  I tend to stick to the larger roads because it is faster riding and easier to navigate than the back streets but there are more cars.  What about putting the congestion charge up to £25 a day and allowing horse and carriage free access.  They certainly wouldn’t be any slower than driving into the centre London.  But that’s not really going to be my problem – what is is the cycling in Dundee in real weather with proper wind.