November News

November has come and gone and this is a late summary of events.

A good walk up Glenisla with Daniel on his bike and Kirsten in the buggy.  The Cateran Trail passes the Glenisla Hotel which is a good place to join it and get off the road and into the hills.  We walked up to a small fishing loch through some forestry land with Daniel complaining that his legs were tired of going up hills until we got to the top.  Then it was non-stop to the bottom where we found a dead hare on the picnic table.  The crows had got to the eyes.  More interesting was the little jetty sticking out into the water from which one could drop stones in and see things in the tea-brown water. Continue reading November News

Bonfire Night Out

We had a night out the other night.  A Friday night, nogal!  We drove down to Coupar Angus and Larghan Victory Park to watch the firework display.  The Coopers joined us there for the fun and games.  Here is a selection of really bad photographs capturing our evening out.