Got wheels, will ride

Lomo effect applied from GIMP plugin.  The model is a natural.

got wheels

Cross-processed image using bright orange as the highlight colour.  Balance bike (a birthday present), helmet, jacket and glasses model’s own.

will ride


Batch Processing Images

Running digiKam 2.0 on Windows 7 Professional 32bit and Linux Mint 10 KDE 4.6.2

Standard workflow for new images:

  1. download into new date based folder renaming on the fly and applying metadata template.
  2. tag new images
  3. geotag new images
  4. select images for upload to web
  5. add to batch queue manager
  6. adjust colours – auto levels
  7. sharpen – unsharp mask
  8. resize – 1024px wide
  9. watermark – overlay PNG (prepare earlier using Xach Effect in GIMP)
  10. reapply metadata
  11. write to output folder
  12. export to piwigo
  13. export to gallery Continue reading Batch Processing Images

GIMP filters

I was playing with GIMP the other day trying to find some filters or scripts that created nice borders around images.  I use Digikam to organise my collection of photos and it has some built-in tools but the after effects are rather simple at the moment.  GIMP has a more mature collection of effects to apply.

Taking a sample image I applied a selection of the decor filters to the images.  You can find these under Filters > Decor.  I am using the latest version of GIMP on Linux Mint 10 KDE and Windows 7 Pro.

Photo FX

Last year we did a walk up to Airlie Monument to see what we could see.  We took some photos.  We had a snack.  And Daniel walked most of the way.

Using GIMP I was experimenting with some of the effects and scripts that come with it. The cross-processing script does something like increase the Red and Green values and reduces the Blue value of the image.  I like the way it adds contrast and gives the colours a slight “this is how I remember it” feel.

I converted another image to a monochrome copy with variations of guassian blur and transparency to create the dream-like effect you can see below.  I am not sure I like the effect really but you can see what can be done.