Last weekend in Newtyle there was blue sky, warm sunshine and pristine white sparkly snow with a nice icy crust that was just perfect for sledging and skiing.

Happy February 2013

Well, here we are at the end of January 2013 already, and on the eve of our departure to South Africa for a month in the sun, and I haven’t had a chance to post anything about the New Year.  So here’s a picture of us all on the West Sands at St Andrews on New Year’s Eve:

Us all

Registering Births

SA High CommissionI have finally got around to sorting the paperwork for registering the birth of the children in South Africa.  I should have done it within 30 days of the birth but at the time it was not something that crossed my mind.  Thankfully, there is provision on the form DHA-24 (had to post off for three copies of this one) to give suitable reasons for not registering the birth.

For each child: 8 passport photos, 2 copies birth certificate, 2 copies my passport, 2 copies Amy’s passport, 2 copies marriage certificate (legalised), 4 forms, £35 postal order and an email address.

That should be fairly straight forward if we apply ourselves in a methodical and logical manner.  I’ll keep you updated on progress.

First steps

I got an exciting (excited?) email yesterday.  Kirsten has taken her first three steps.  Does she know what she is letting herself in for?  At least she will slow down momentarily while she learns to walk properly and then it will all pick up again.

Changing Faces

Here are a selection of photos of Kirsten.  How much has her face changed?

Grandmother Arrives Secretly In Country

Kirsten with GranNewtyle, Angus.  Grandmother McDonald arrived secretly in the country a fortnight ago, it has been revealed by a source close to her.  Under the covered of an alleged shopping spree in west London she was spotted buying small pink baby items and large quantities of knitting wool.  In a surprise move not anticipated by the family she defied instructions and flew into London Heathrow on an SAA flight.  With help from her son she managed to get to South West London where she set up base in a small nondescript terrace house.  She used this base for forays and sorties to stock up on supplies and strategic resources.  Using a decoy credit card she purchased a single train ticket to Dundee.

And now she is here.

Safari Park Action

It was all happening in the upstairs lounge this morning.  A large infant was seen looming towards an encounter between a frightened waterbuck and some large feline predators.  The waterbuck had managed to get itself on top of the horse box but then found itself penned in by the lion and tiger on one side and the looming infant on the other.

Safari Park Action 1 Safari Park Action 2

Food Aid Program

We are the fortunate recipients of food parcels as part of the church’s pastoral ministry.  Several lucky people have had the chance to see the young Kirsten when they have dropped off a ready-prepared meal during the week.  Who would have thought that having two kids meant there wasn’t enough time to cook the supper?  That said I now know what it is like to be a house husband – exhausting but fulfilling.  Moms and Toddlers, Toddler Gym, swimming classes, sessions at the swings, doing stickers, playing with the diggers in the garden, morning snacks, lunch, sleep, afternoon snacks, afternoon slumps if the sleep never happened – and then try and make tea.  The meals are hugely appreciated!

Apple and blackberry crumble with custard

Daniel certainly likes the crumble.