GIMP filters

I was playing with GIMP the other day trying to find some filters or scripts that created nice borders around images.  I use Digikam to organise my collection of photos and it has some built-in tools but the after effects are rather simple at the moment.  GIMP has a more mature collection of effects to apply.

Taking a sample image I applied a selection of the decor filters to the images.  You can find these under Filters > Decor.  I am using the latest version of GIMP on Linux Mint 10 KDE and Windows 7 Pro.

Photo FX

Last year we did a walk up to Airlie Monument to see what we could see.  We took some photos.  We had a snack.  And Daniel walked most of the way.

Using GIMP I was experimenting with some of the effects and scripts that come with it. The cross-processing script does something like increase the Red and Green values and reduces the Blue value of the image.  I like the way it adds contrast and gives the colours a slight “this is how I remember it” feel.

I converted another image to a monochrome copy with variations of guassian blur and transparency to create the dream-like effect you can see below.  I am not sure I like the effect really but you can see what can be done.