It’s All Happening Now

Phew! What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been.  Actually the last eight months has been hectic.  Mom, Dad and Great Gran arrive tomorrow for three weeks holiday. K turns three next week with a butterfly party and the whole family.  D turned five last month with an Octonauts party and Amy celebrated the last of her thirties. Kevin hit the early mid thirties.  E has started smiling and laughing and also to sleep for more than three hours at a time.  D has learned to use a computer mouse and to find LEGO video clips online.

There is a new climbing frame in the garden and the apple trees are over loaded with a bountiful crop this year.  The garden shed needs a new roof and there is much to be done in side as well – new dishwasher, new tv, new coffee table, some painting, new carpet and much furniture shuffling to accommodate new bits and pieces.

Work is exciting with new work being done using open-source GIS application and developing the web GIS further.  Just need to get over the tiredness and sleep more…

A Prayer For Our Church

Heavenly Father,

We belong to You. We long for You. We want to find You, know You, love You. In our self-sufficiency we so often fail to see your beauty and greatness all around us. We come to worship and glorify you.

We are called to be free. Free to acknowledge our sinful behaviour, free to confess that we are out of step with the Spirit. Help us to stand firm in our Gospel freedom.

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Milestone Weekend

On Friday I got British Citizenship. On Saturday went for a bike ride, a swim, a car boot sale, out for lunch with my lovely wife and back for tea (no medals). Today K did poo in the potty and we had our first braai of the summer, complete with a Castle Lager. Top weekend all round, really.

Citizenship hoops – the last one


This morning my passport and papers arrived back from the UK Border Agency.  My application for citizenship has been processed and approved.  Which is nice.  And it took less than three weeks.  I posted everything off on the 8th May.  Now I just need to wait for the invitation to the citizenship ceremony to start the next part of the process.  The passport is getting closer…