On average I’m OK

I went for a free health check at lunch time today. All is well, it seems. Which is nice.  An incredible machine worked out my body fat percentage in about 8 seconds by transmitting a wave through my body and measuring the time taken for the round trip.  It sped through the leg, slowed slightly through the middle abdomen and then accelerated up through the chest and along the arms.

  • My age is 30
  • My weight is 73kg or 11.5 stone
  • My height is 174cm or 5’8″
  • My blood pressure is 121 / 78 which is slightly low and good
  • My resting heart rate is 66 which is low and good
  • My percent body fat is 12.5%
  • My body mass index (BMI = height2 / weight) is 23.4 and it should be between 18.5 and 25

Raynes Park

Raynes Park has a Starbucks! The old Reynolds Estate Agents premises outside the station had been empty for years. The large corner space with huge floor to ceiling windows was just asking for it. It’s the thin end of the wedge. Raynes Park is becoming West Wimbledon…



As part of its outreach All Souls, Langham Place, uses sport to reach people across London.  Touch-rugby, tennis, basket ball, running, sailing, mountain biking and climbing.  Every third Thursday in the month Alex and I head out to the Westway sports centre with whomever we have managed to persuade to come along.  For people who like a bit of exercise this is certainly a pleasant change from sitting behind a desk 8 hours a day.  You soon realise that typing does not keep our climbing fingers as fit as you thought!  Next meeting: 7pm on 15th November 2007.  All are welcome.

Alex at Westway


The joys of communicating across the world! A couple of weekends ago I went out with Chris, Andy, Alex and Nick for a retreat in the Cotswold hills and some home cooking. We had planned to be in touch with Andy H, working in Central Asia, to catch up on news and be supportive in prayer. Due to the time difference (~6 hours) Andy had had to drive across town in the middle of the night to the office to charge up the computer, warm up the mousepad and make sure the video camera was rolling. Skype fired up and after a few faulty connections and disconnections we were in business! Such a change from just a little while ago when mission partners were incommunicado for months at a time. And Alex’s apple mac did the honours with the little camera capturing our mugs perfectly 🙂 Pictures below snapped on my mobile phone. V handy indeed.

Alex and Nick Andy Harris

Hand-made in England

This is probably the smallest car showroom in the country. There is just enough space for three cars and a scale model. The Fighter has a drag coefficient of 0.25 and a top speed of 210 mph. And something like 1000bhp in the version with twin turbos.

Bristol Fighter

Upgrading the blog

Words here at Mixedbredie.net has been upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and K2rc2. It wasn’t without its glitches and the installation had to be deleted twice before it all worked properly. Two plugins, Maintenance Mode and WP-DB-BACKUP, helped out. The first puts up a notice telling all users that you are doing something to your site. The other plugin, wp-db-backup, allows you to set up a scheduled backup of your wordpress database tables with the option of emailing the backup to an email address or to download onto your local computer as a tar archive. Installing the new K2rc2 worked fine unzipping the files into a “K2” directory in /wp-content/themes. The new tagging feature allows for the creation of tags for each post and K2 has a cloud widget for the sidebar. Continue reading Upgrading the blog

Radio for?

Have you heard of a guy called Rob Bell? He runs a church in Grand Rapids , Michigan called Mars Hill. He is also well known for his NOOMA videos. I just watched one of his short films called Silence. It was all about trying to find God’s voice in all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It seems to have been a problem for a while since before Elijah went up the mountain and to hear God in the wind, the storm, the earthquake and eventually found the still small voice in the silence between the thunder and crashes.

So, how do people in London hear the voice of God with an iPod feeding noise into the brain and adverts hemming you in from all sides? In our house we wake up and turn on the radio first thing (nothing more annoying to hear people brightly discussing the world before we have even booted up properly! There is a time and place to be bombarded with noise and information and before breakfast is not when I am most receptive. Teatime is a better option.) and it just gets noisier from there. How often are we still enough and quiet enough to hear His voice? Sure, we hear Him and see Him in many other places through sights and sounds but I believe we still need the time out for a one-on-one. And therein lies another challenge – try to make the time to be still enough…


The artist formerly known as Prince, now known as Prince, rocked, popped, writhed and stomped his way through what were evidently hit songs from his career if the reaction from the crowd was anything to go by. 20000 people filled the revamped O2 Dome and were treated to a pretty awesome show. Strutting up and down the stage, in the shape of his weird logo, he bombarded the crowd with a range of vocals, guitar solos, piano solos, dancing girls and a sizzling light show. Not bad at all. He even got the adoring crowd singing to him about how much they loved him. Big ego in such a little guy.