Last weekend in Newtyle there was blue sky, warm sunshine and pristine white sparkly snow with a nice icy crust that was just perfect for sledging and skiing.

Home-made Sledge

Here it is – the Pride of Newtyle – 1070mm of finest ply with 50mm waxed runners 310mm apart and weighing in at 4.5kg.  Rope handles have a breaking strain of 2000kg.

Performance testing to be carried out on the hill above Kirkton Farm this afternoon.  Snow conditions: LOTS and ICY.  It’s snowing more as I type.  Departure is imminent – just a nappy change away.

Dundee Sledging

My godson, Theo, came to stay for a week over Hogmanay.  The visit coincided with fantastic snow and so we went sledging.  Theo had never done it before but after a run on the baby slope (1:8, 15m long) he decided steeper and faster was much better.  Quite right too.  After several afternoon sessions on the steeper slope into the primary school car park we decided to head out to the back country and the BIG slopes.  These are higher and steeper with a longer runout at the bottom.  The transition at the bottom is a bit harsher especially if you are heavier than Theo.


I shot some video as well and I’ll put something up here shortly.  In the meantime have a look at the Christmas Eve sledging Kevin and I did.

White Christmas

Fir TreeForfar LochFrostyWill we get a white Christmas this year? Odds at the bookies have been slashed to 2/1. Things are looking good for clear weather and good snow for Friday and Saturday. These are some pictures taken today while out for walk over lunchtime. The sun came out and everything sparkled. Fantastic.  And the days are getting longer now and summer is on its way.

Rowan BerriesSnowy PathRowan TreeKevin is flying up from London tomorrow and should get in safely provided the airports are functioning in the City. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a good walk in to burn of the extra Christmas calories.

These pictures all taken with my camera in my cell phone.

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